The views filter for Twitch has two sliders:

  • views

  • average views per video

Set the sliders and you'll only see the Twitch streamers that meet those parameters.

The Views filter for Twitch on Heepsy.

Views shows you the total views to a Twitch channel, whether from followers, subscribers, or other users.

On a Twitch streamer's Heepsy profile, you can find the total views in the Overview tab.

Total views of a Twitch channel as seen on Heepsy.

Average views per video shows you how many views the streamer's videos usually get. We calculate this average using the streamer's recent content, so you may see this metric change with time.

On Heepsy, you can find this statistic at the left-hand side of a Twitch streamer's profile, in the core stats section.

Where to find average views per video about Twitch streamers on Heepsy.

The views filter and analytics are included in all our plans.

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