If you're looking at a Twitch profile on Heepsy, it will look a bit different from an Instagram profile, YouTube profile, or TikTok profile. This article explains exactly what you can expect to find on Heepsy about Twitch streamers.

An example Twitch profile.

The analytics you see about a Twitch streamer depends on which plan you have. The following chart shows you which analytics we offer, and in which plan they come included.

Analytics info

Plans it comes in

What it tells you



The games or topics that the streamer most often plays.



The language the streamer uses on Twitch.

Core stats


The number of followers, number of following, and average views on their streams.

Contact info

Business, Gold

Public email addresses and profiles the streamer has on other social networks.

Average stream duration


How long the streamer's streams last on average.

Total views


The total number of views on the Twitch channel.

Most popular streamed categories


A chart showing which categories the streamer streams the most.



Followers growth over time, and growth of total views over time.

Post frequency


How many streams the streamer hosts per week, and how recently they last streamed.

Latest clips


A sample of the streamer's most recent clips on Twitch.

You can also check out our Starter Plan, Business Plan, and Gold Plan to understand what search filters and analytics each one includes.

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