The TikTok Contact filter lets you search for TikTok influencers who have either:

  • a public email address; or

  • an account on another social channel.

TikTok Contact filter on Heepsy.

Public contact

The toggle lets you see only TikTok influencers who have public email addresses. Only influencers who have published their email addresses appear here. If the influencer's email is private, it won't show up on Heepsy.

On their profile, you can find the influencer’s email address beneath their biography.

If you must reach out via email, this filter can be useful for you. But if you don't want to limit yourself, remember that you can also reach out to an influencer directly on TikTok. You can use messages or comments to get in touch on the social network.

Other channels

Ticking these checkboxes shows you TikTok influencers who also have a profile on another social network. Choose to find TikTokers who also have Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or a blog.

On their profile, look for the influencer’s other channels with their contact information, beneath their biography. You’ll see their handles for their other networks and links to their channels. To be clear, you won't see analytics for these other channels.

If the influencer is on Instagram or YouTube, you can search for them on Heepsy. But bear in mind, some influencers may show up on Heepsy for one network and not another.

This is usually due to the number of followers they have on their accounts. For example, a TikToker on Heepsy whose Instagram only has 1K followers wouldn't show up. This is because Heepsy only shows you Instagram influencers with 5K followers or more.

The Contact filter and analytics only come included in the Business Plan or Gold Plan.

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