The TikTok engagement filter gives you two searching options:

  • by average views per video;

  • or by specific engagement %.

We separate these two metrics for a reason. Heepsy calculates engagement rate using only engagements, not views.

The TikTok engagement filter dropdown box on Heepsy.

Average video views

This filter allows you to search for TikTokers who get a certain average number of views per video. The average is taken from their most recent content, so you may see these numbers change over time.

On an influencer's profile, their average views per video appear in the Video Metrics section.

Engagement %

This slider lets you find influencers with an engagement rate % that falls within the range you set. On the influencer's profile, you'll see their engagement rate at the top with their core stats.

Be cautious of very low engagement rates, as they show a lack of interest or the presence of fake followers. Likewise, an extremely high engagement rate can show inauthentic engagements.

Engagement rate and average views per video metrics come included in all our plans. But the engagement filter only comes in the Business Plan or Gold Plan.

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