Did you know that you can add ratings, notes, and statuses to your Lists on Heepsy?

To add these, first create a list and add influencers. Then, go to the Lists panel. Find the list and influencer you want to update, and look for the icons at the right-hand side.

A screenshot of the rating, note and status icons on Heepsy. These icons let you add information to an influencer profile.


Ratings are out of 5 stars. If you've worked with this influencer, you can rate them so that you don't forget about the experience.

A screenshot of how to rate an influencer on Heepsy.


Notes allow you to type in whatever you want. You could use it to include influencer discount codes, shipping addresses, or whatever else you need to remember.

A screenshot of how to add notes to an influencer profile on Heepsy.


Statuses works as a dropdown menu. Choose from Discarded, To be contacted, Proposal accepted, or Proposal rejected. If you change the influencer’s status, the Add Status button at the right will change to reflect the current status.

A screenshot showing how to change the status of an influencer on Heepsy.

Ratings, notes, and statuses help you keep track of everything and keep your team on the same page.

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