What you see about a YouTube influencer's profile is a bit different from what you see about an Instagram profile, what you can see about a TikTok profile, and what you can see about a Twitch profile. Let's take a look.

A YouTuber profile as seen on Heepsy.

What analytics you see depends on which plan you have.

Analytics info

Plans it comes in

What it tells you



The country where the influencer is based.

Core stats


Subscriber count, total videos, total views, and average views per video.

Contact info

Business, Gold

The influencer’s public email and other social networks.

Engagement rate


The exact engagement rate % and a qualitative rating.

Likes to dislikes ratio


How many likes the YouTuber tends to get compared to dislikes.

Reaction rate


How many reactions (likes and dislikes) an influencer's content gets per 1K views.

Comments rate


The number of comments an influencer gets per 1K views.

Average reactions and comments per video


How many reactions and comments the influencer usually gets per video.

Post frequency


The number of posts per week, and how recently an influencer has last posted.

Latest videos


A sample of the YouTuber's recent video content.

If you want to know more, read up on our Youtube filters and analytics features. Or, check out our Starter Plan, Business Plan, and Gold Plan to understand what each one includes.

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