Keywords are another way to search for influencers on Heepsy. Keywords are particularly good for small niches that may not have their own category.

Keywords work with the text that influencers include on their profiles or in their content.

For example, let's search the keyword surfer. It's more specific than the sports category. We can type this into the search bar - the same place you set your category - to find profiles related to the keyword.

Keyword surfer search at Heepsy.

If you're searching in a non-English speaking country, you might get more results searching for keywords in the native language. We recommend searching your keywords in both English and the country's language, so you can compare the results.

Keyword workout search in Norway at Heepsy.
Keyword trening search in Norway at Heepsy.

You can search more than one keyword at once but, bare in mind that Heepsy will show you profiles that use at least one of those keywords.

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