We get that most people like to try a product before they buy it. That's why we let you take Heepsy for a spin before committing to a paid plan.

What you can do

We designed the Free Trial to give you an idea of what it's like to use Heepsy. It is not a free plan intended for regular use.

With the Free Trial, you can explore the Heepsy interface and see what filters come in each plan. You can also test out some of our filters and analytics.

What it includes

There is no time limit on our Free Trial, meaning you don't have to use it within a certain number of days from signing up. But you do get a limited number of searches. Heepsy will show you your remaining searches at the top of the Free Trial screen.

Also, please note that the Free Trial only shows you a part of the influencer search results on our platform. There may be hundreds or thousands of influencers that meet your search query. But in the Free Trial, you'll see a segment of those.

If you'd like to get unlimited searches and see all search results, upgrade to one of our paid plans.

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