Views are pretty important on YouTube. So we help you search and analyze influencers' total views and average views per video.

The Views filter offers two sliders.

A screenshot of Heepsy's Youtube Views filter, which lets you find influencer by setting two sliders: total views and average views per video.

Total views is how many views the influencer has on all the videos on their channel. Remember that views come from subscribers and non-subscribed users.

Check an influencer's total views at the top of their profile.

A screenshot of Heepsy showing a Youtube influencer's basic stats: total videos, number of subscribers, and total views.

Average views per video relates to how many views an influencer tends to get on a single video. From this, you get a good sense of how a video for your brand would perform.

You can find average views per video in the Video Metrics section of an influencer's profile. You also get analytics about videos per week and the date of the latest video.

A screenshot of Heepsy showing a Youtube influencer's video metrics: average views per video, videos per week, latest video, most viewed recent video, and latest video.

The average views per video comes from the videos the influencer uploaded most recently. This could be yesterday or last month, so check the date of the latest video to make sure the influencer is active.

Take into account the average views per video and not just subscriber count. If someone is a subscriber, that doesn't mean they watch all an influencer's videos.

The Views filter and analytics come in all our plans.

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