You don't want to waste your budget marketing to fake followers, right? Check audience authenticity with the authenticity filter. Heepsy uses AI to estimate the probability that certain portions of the audience may be some type of bot.

A screenshot of Heepsy's Instagram Authenticity filter, which gives you two sliders to set the audience quality score or the audience authenticity percentage.

Quality score gives you an overall sense of the quality of the audience and the influencer's relationship with them.

Audience authenticity allows you to set a percentage of real followers you want influencers to have. We recommend starting with 80% to find the most authentic influencers.

You can check both of these analytics on an influencer's profile. The quality score appears at the top, below the influencer's category and location.

A quality score analysis from Heepsy showing that an influencer has an 84,

For audience authenticity, scroll down to the Audience Insights section. It's the first chart you'll see there.

An audience authenticity analysis from Heepsy showing that almost all of an Instagram influencer's followers appear to be real.

The Authenticity filter and analytics are only included in the Gold Plan.

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