Curious about how much it might cost to collaborate with an influencer? Want to know how their past branded content has performed?

The promotional activity filter and analytics answer both of those questions.

A screenshot of Heepsy's Instagram Promotional Activity filter, which lets you find influencers with two sliders: cost estimate or percentage of branded posts.

You can set the cost estimate using the slider to choose a range between $0 and $25K+. We base this on various statistics plus the influencer's location. The cost estimate is just that: an estimate. An influencer's actual price may be different.

Or, if you want to know what percentage of an influencer's content consists of branded posts, use the branded posts slider. Note that not all branded posts are paid collaborations.

Check a specific profile's cost estimate in the photo/video post metrics beneath engagement rate.

A screenshot of where to find the cost estimate on Heepsy. The platform estimates that this Instagram influencer makes $140-260 per photo post and $3.2K-5.9K per video post.

To see stats about branded content, scroll to the bottom of the profile. You'll find:

  • The percentage of branded posts

  • The average engagement on all branded posts

  • Individual brand mentions and the stats on those posts

Heepsy's brand mentions section with analytics for branded content.

Remember, not all these brand mentions come from paid collaborations. Some of them could just be the influencer tagging brands they like.

To use the Promotional Activity filter and see the cost estimate and branded posts analytics, you need the Gold Plan.

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