Curious about how much it might cost to collaborate with an influencer? Want to know how their past branded content has performed? The promotional activity filter and analytics answer both of those questions.


The Promotional Activity filter gives you two search options.

A screenshot of Heepsy's Instagram Promotional Activity filter, which lets you find influencers with two sliders: cost estimate or percentage of branded posts.

You can search by cost estimate using the slider to choose a range between $0 and $25K+. We base this on various statistics plus the influencer's location. The cost estimate is just that: an estimate. An influencer's actual price may be different.

  1. Or, if you want to know what percentage of an influencer's content consists of branded posts, use the branded posts slider. Note that not all branded posts are paid collaborations.

Promotional activity metrics on profiles

You can check out an influencer's brand mentions, branded content engagement, quality score, and cost estimate in the Publications tab, under Promotional Activity.

An Instagram influencer's promotional activity analytics on Heepsy.

Let's walk through each of those a bit:

Engagement of branded content
This shows you the average engagement rate only on posts where influencers have mentioned brands. If you notice a discrepancy between this branded engagement rate and the overall engagement rate, that is why.

Like with the overall engagement, you see a few pieces of data here:

  • The engagement rate percentage (18.8%)

  • A qualitative analysis that compares the influencer to other influencers (Very high)

  • The percentile the influencer falls into (Higher than 99% of influencers).

Quaity Score

The Quality Score is a metric that looks at the overall quality of the influencer's audience and their relationship with it. Here you see:

  • A number out of 100

  • A qualitative analysis (Very high)

  • A percentile (Higher than 99% of influencers)

This gives you a good idea of how the influencer stacks up to their peers when it comes to things like audience authenticity, engagement rate, etc.

Cost estimate

The cost estimate is just that: an estimate. It takes into account country, follower count, engagement rate, and other metrics to give you an idea of how much the influencer may charge for their content creation services.

However, what an influencer charges can also be affected by other factors, like whether or not the influencer is famous. So you can use it as a starting point, but be open to negotiating.

Brand mentions

This shows you brands the influencer has recently mentioned in their content. Remember, not all these brand mentions come from paid collaborations. Some of them could just be the influencer tagging brands they like.

Here you can also see the average number of likes and comments per post with a brand mention. This gives you a sense of what results you might get if that influencer mentions your brand.

To use the Promotional Activity filter and see the cost estimate and branded posts analytics, you need the Gold Plan.

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