Want to find influencers with a specific type of Instagram account? Or find only influencers with public contact info? How about influencers who also have other social media profiles?

No problem! Use the contact filter. It helps you find influencers according to various criteria. A screenshot of Heepsy's Instagram Contact filter, which uses checkboxes to let you find influencers with pubic email or a presence on another social network.

Screenshot Instagram contact filter on Heepsy.

Public Contact

Toggling this on shows only influencers who have public emails. If the influencer has published their email, we offer it within Heepsy.

On a profile, you can find the influencer's email below their bio, on the left-hand side of the screen. You can see an example below.

An example of how an influencer's contact info looks on Heepsy: a list with public email and links to other networks.

Other Channels

This lets you search for Instagram influencers who also have Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, Youtube, Twitter, or a blog.

On their profile, you'll find links to their other channels. They'll be beneath the quality score, near the public email, if the influencer has one. See the image above.

To be clear, you won't see analytics for these other social networks. You'll only see an analysis of the influencer's Instagram profile.

The Contact filter and analytics only come included in the Business Plan or Gold Plan.

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