When it comes to followers, Heepsy can tell you a few things about an influencer's profile:

  • Their follower count

  • The number of accounts the influencer is following

  • Their follower growth rate and growth over time

Find the number of followers and number of following in the influencer's core stats at the left-hand side.

An influencer's core stats on Heepsy.

Follower count

To search for influencers with a specific range of followers, use the followers filter. The slider lets you set a follower range from 5K to 1M followers.

A screenshot of Heepsy's Instagram Followers filter, which gives you a slider to set the range of followers for the influencers you want to find.

Heepsy includes influencers with 5K followers or more. So if you're looking for someone with fewer followers than that, you won't find them on the platform.

Keep in mind that follower count can drive up an influencer's price for collaborations. Generally, the more followers an influencer has, the more they charge per post.

Follower growth rate and growth over time

When it's time to analyze an influencer's profile, you can check out their follower growth rate. This percentage shows you how much an influencer has grown their profile over time. You can hover over a specific date to see how many followers they had at that time.

A screenshot of Heepsy, showing follower growth rate analytics. The chart shows a gentle climb up, which suggests organic growth.

If you see sudden spikes in growth, first check to see if they hosted a giveaway and went viral. But if you don't find a logical explanation, the spike could show that the influencer bought fake followers.

The Follower filter and all the analytics related to followers come included in all our plans.

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