Want to find influencers in a specific country, region, or city? You can do that with our location filter.

The Instagram location filter has three levels: country, state/region, and city. This may differ a bit depending on how the country organizes itself.

A screenshot of Heepsy's Instagram location filter, which lets you choose a country, region and city where you want to find influencers.

Location means where an influencer is based. This isn't always the same as where an influencer is originally from.

For example, if an influencer was born in Rome but currently lives in Los Angeles, you'll see LA as their location.

Location analytics relate to geolocation and get updated. So if an influencer moves or goes on an extended trip, you might see a change in their location on Heepsy.

On profiles, you can check an influencer's location by looking beneath their profile picture, handle, and categories.

Where to find an Instagram influencer's location on Heepsy.

The location filter and analytics come included in all our plans.

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