The category filter helps you find influencers who are relevant to what your brand is all about.

Heepsy helps you find influencers from categories including beauty, comics, and gaming, DIY, pets, or vegan.

A screenshot of Heepy's Instagram category filter, which is a dropdown selection.

We use sophisticated algorithms to determine influencer categories. Our AI takes into account how influencers describe themselves. It also looks at the themes of their most recent content.

As our analytics look at recent content, categories can sometimes change. If an influencer shifts their profile from one category to another, you'll see that reflected on our platform.

Likewise, influencers can have more than one category. For example, the influencer seen below has two categories: fashion and plus size. This influencer posts fashion looks and advocates for body positivity.

A screenshot of Heepsy showing that you can find an Instagram influencer's category just below their biography.

When looking at an influencer's profile, you can find their category beneath their bio.

The category filter and analytics come included in all our plans.

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