Lists are a flexible way to organize the influencers who work on your campaigns. You choose how to keep track of your influencers: by campaign, location, follower range, or more.

What are lists?

This feature lets you add influencers to lists. Within the Lists panel, you can compare influencers side-by-side. Or, see aggregated stats for all the influencers included in your list.

An influencer list as seen on Heepsy.

How to create a list

  1. Click My Influencers at the top right of the screen, next to your email.

  2. Then, within the Lists panel, look for Create List at the left side, just below the Heepsy logo.

  3. Click this, give your list a name, and click Create List.

That’s it! Your list now exists on Heepsy.

How to add an influencer to a list

You can add an influencer to a list in two different ways.

  1. When looking at the influencer cards, look for the folder icon. Click it, and you can choose which list to add the influencer to. You can also create a new list here.

How to add an influencer to a list from their card.

2. On an influencer's profile, find the Add to list button just beneath their profile picture. Here you can also add the influencer to an existing list or create a new one.

Where to add an influencer to a list from their profile.

How to remove influencers from a list

You can remove influencers from a list the same way you added them: with the folder icon or the Add to list button.

Toggle the folder icon off to remove the influencer from your list. Or, click Add to list, and deselect the list where the influencer is currently added. Both actions will remove the influencer from the list.

You can also do this from the Lists panel, at the right of the influencer's info and stats.

When you toggle the folder icon off, you have to click the checkbox of the list you want to remove the influencer from.

How to remove an influencer from a list within the lists panel.

You can tell which influencers you currently have in Lists by the color of the folder icon. If it's green, the influencer is on one of your lists. If it's black, they're not.

How to change a list's name

Want to rename a list? Go to the Lists panel, and next to the list's name, click the small down arrow. It will give you two options: Edit Name or Delete List. Choose Edit Name, change the name, and click Confirm.

How to edit a list's name.

How to delete a list

In the Lists panel, click the arrow next to the list's name. Choose the option to Delete List. The platform will ask you to confirm you want to delete it before it erases your list.

If you want to customize your lists further, learn how to add statuses. Or, see how you can download lists as spreadsheets.

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