How to sign up

You can sign up for Heepsy at any time. On our homepage, click the Start Free Trial button that you see at the top right of the screen. You'll also find this same button in other places on our site.

To create your account, you'll have to include some basic information like name and email.

How to sign up on Heepsy.

Creating a free account means you can access our Free Trial. It does not subscribe you to one of our paid plans. If you'd like to do that, keep reading.

How to subscribe to a paid plan

Heepsy offers three paid subscription plans: the Starter Plan, the Business Plan, and the Gold Plan. To learn about what each includes, check out the other articles in our Help Center.

Once you know which plan you want, you can subscribe in four steps:

  1. Create your free account, if you haven't already.

  2. Go to the Pricing page.

  3. Find the plan you want and click Buy.

  4. Enter your card number and click Subscribe. A GIF shows how to buy a plan on Heepsy.

    A GIF shows how to buy a plan on Heepsy.

A screenshot shows how to enter card details for subscribing a plan on Heepsy.

And that's it! You're now subscribed and can start using Heepsy. We won't charge you again until your billing cycle renews in 30 days.

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