The Starter Plan is Heepsy's basic plan. It lets you search for over 11 million Instagram and Youtube influencers and shows you core analytics about their profiles.

Included search filters

With this plan, you can use the following filters for Instagram searches:

  • Categories - Search for content themes like fashion or fitness.

  • Location - Find influencers around the world at the country, region, and city level.

  • Followers - Set the desired number of followers.

  • Publications - Choose the post frequency or date of the last post.

An orange box surrounds the Heepsy Instagram search filters that come in the Starter Plan: Categories, Location, Followers, and Publications.

For the Youtube search, the Starter Plan includes these filters:

  • Categories - Search for specific content themes.

  • Location - Find influencers at the country level.

  • Subscribers - Set the number of subscribers.

  • Views - Specify total views or average views per video.

  • Video - Choose the number of total videos, video frequency, or date of last video.

  • Channel - Search by channel creation date.

An orange box surrounds the Heepsy Youtube search filters that come in the Starter Plan: Location, Subscribers, Views, Videos and Channel..

The Starter Plan does not include the Contact, Audience, Authenticity, or Promotional Activity filters.

Included analytics

Heepsy uses AI to analyze influencers' recent content and its performance. With the Starter Plan, you get core analytics about influencer profiles.

For Instagram, this includes:

  • Follower count and growth rate

  • Engagement rate

  • Photo/video post metrics (averages likes and comments)

  • Post frequency

  • Comments/likes ratio

  • Followers/following ratio

For Youtube, you get:

  • Subscribers

  • Total views

  • Average views per video

  • Videos per week

  • Total videos

The Starter Plan does not include contact info, audience insights, or branded content analytics.


You can use the Lists feature with the Starter Plan. Create Lists, add influencers, and compare them side-by-side. You can also see the aggregate metrics for all influencers in your List.

If you want a plan that includes more features, learn about our Business Plan and Gold Plan. You can also compare plans on our Pricing page.

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