Influencers might be busy working on other projects, so we can't guarantee that they will answer you back or collaborate with you. We recommend that you choose an influencer that is aligned to your brand. Most of them will want to work with you if the proposal is fair. 

If you are planning on contacting influencers, read here for tips about what to say when making the first contact. Communications are done outside of Heepsy. 

There are different types of influencers based on both the type of content they publish and their reach. Because of this, there is a wide range of possible influencer marketing campaigns. 

When you contact an influencer, you should have an idea of the type of collaboration that you wish to have with them. Some of the collaborations that exists are: Product shipping, post sponsorship, brand ambassadors, etc. In our blog, you can read this post about the best types of influencer marketing campaigns. 

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