No. You cannot contact influencers from within Heepsy. All outreach and negotiations take place outside of our platform.

Can I find contact info on Heepsy?

If you have the Business Plan or Gold Plan, you can get influencer contact information. Use the Instagram Contact filter or Youtube Contact filter to find influencers with public email addresses.

Those plans also let you download emails and other influencer info as spreadsheets. For larger campaigns, this can help automate your outreach.

What if the influencer I want to contact doesn't have an email address?

If an influencer hasn't made their email public, you won't find it on Heepsy. So if the influencer you want to contact doesn't have a public email address, we recommend sending them a DM, or direct message.

To learn more about DMs, see these resources from Instagram and TikTok. Youtube currently doesn't allow DMs, so instead, you could try leaving a comment on one of the influencer's most recent videos.

Additional information

We get that contacting influencers can be frustrating, and we want to help you with this process. If you're not sure how to contact influencers, check out our influencer outreach guide. It has resources to help you reach out, including average response rates and email templates.

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