The search limit restricts the number of influencers someone can search for in a given month. It's put in place to prevent usages for which Heepsy is not intended, such as influencer spamming or massive data extraction.

What are the limits for each plan?

Currently, search limits are higher than 500 searches per month for starter and business plans, and higher than 1,000 searches per month for Gold plans. Search limits in Heepsy have been set high enough so that only a small minority of users ever encounter them.

I´ve reached my limit. Now what?

Limits reset at the beginning of each billing cycle. If you are on the Free, Starter or Business plans you can upgrade to a higher plan in order to have your limits reset and expanded now. Check our plans here. If you are on the Gold plan, you can contact Support to get your limit reset in a few hours. Prior to resetting your limits, the support team might request some additional info from you to make sure that you are not engaging in platform usage that goes against our terms of service.

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