Search limits on our plans

The average user can use Heepsy as much as they want. If you're using Heepsy as it was intended, you don't have to worry about reaching search or analytics limits.

That said, we do have some limits in place. These exist to prevent improper uses, like influencer spamming or massive data extraction. We set these limits very high compared to the average use. So the majority of our users should never reach them.

I've reached the limit. Now what?

If you do reach your limit, our Support team will review your case. They'll check that your account has not engaged in any prohibited use of Heepsy as per our Terms of Service. If everything looks okay, you should be able to continue using Heepsy as normal within 1 business day.

Search limits on our Free Trial

The Free Trial is your opportunity to see Heepsy from the inside and get to know the platform. It's not a free plan, and it's not intended for long-term use. So, our Free Trial does have limits on the search and analytics features. If you finish the Free Trial and want to continue using Heepsy, you can buy one of our plans.

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