How do I join your affiliate program?

You just have to sign up here. Then you will get a unique link to use for us to track the customers you have brought us. You will be paid monthly for the customers you bring to Heepsy.

What type of rewards do you offer?

In order to make sure our affiliates are aligned with our goals, we only reward for paying customers. We do not buy clicks or leads.

We offer 20% recurring commission on our monthly subscriptions for all the time the referred client stays with us. Payouts are sent between the 1st and 5th of each month via PayPal.

What types of promotions do you allow?

Any type of organic promotion you come up with: it can be anything from a blogpost, a mention in a newsletter, a shoutout on social media, a banner on your site... We will provide you with plenty of materials and information to get you started. If you have doubts about our tool, just ask. :)

We are not interested in Adwords, FB ads or other PPC iniciatives that may interfere with our own advertising strategies.

Your promotion must be truthful. If you use fake claims to get customers, we will immediately expel you from the program.  

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