At Heepsy we maintain a high standard of quality of information. We strive to have the most comprehensive and accurate directory of influencers, and the best search tool for finding them.

That said, we know you may have some more specific questions related to our data.

Can I find any influencer on Heepsy?

We offer info about:

  • Instagram influencers with more than 5K followers

  • Youtube influencers with more than 1K subscribers

Depending on the country, our profile coverage ranges from 80% to 90%.

If you have so many influencers, why can't I find a certain person?

If you can't find a specific influencer, it could be for a few reasons. Check:

  • That they have over 5K followers on Instagram or 1K subscribers on Youtube

  • That you spelled their handle correctly, including any punctuation marks. Many influencers use periods, underscores, or other punctuation in their handles.

  • That you didn't leave any filters activated that would stop the search from returning the profile

The best way to double-check that someone is not on Heepsy is to clear your search. Then type the handle into the search bar.

If you've tried this and still can't find an influencer, it could be that they're not in our system just yet. Contact with the influencer handle you can't find. We'll add the influence as soon as we can.

How accurate are your location and category tags?

We can approximate that our current accuracy for location and category tags is between 85%-90%.

Location tags come from where the influencer is based. This doesn't have to be the same as where the influencer originally comes from. Learn more about the Instagram Location or Youtube Location filters and analytics.

We derive category tags thanks to a unique algorithm that analyzes various factors. We take into consideration how influencers describe themselves and their content. Learn more about the Instagram Categories filter and analytics.

A screenshot of Heepsy showing Instagram influencer @schultzzie tagged with the categories Plus Size and Fashion.

Is your information up-to-date?

Yes, we update our information weekly or biweekly.

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