At Heepsy we maintain a high standard of accuracy and quality of information. Having the most comprehensive and accurate directory of influencers is at the core of what we do, and we pride ourselves on being the best search tool for finding social media influencers.

Can I find any influencer?

We aim to be able to search any Instagram influencer with a public account and over 5,000 followers. Depending of the country of origin, our coverage numbers range between 80% and 90%. 

If you have so many influencers, why can't I find a certain person?

Influencers on Instagram with public profiles over 5,000 followers should be accessible on Heepsy, but if they have fewer followers, they won’t show up. If you are looking for a specific influencer with over 5,000 followers and a public profile but you can't find them among our search engine results, it could be for different reasons: you might have spelled the Instagram handle wrong, or left a filter activated that you didn't really want to use. In order to find out, please make sure all other tags are deactivated and enter the Instagram handle in the dedicated search box. If you still can't find the person, it is possible that the influencer is not in our search tool just yet. Contact customer support and we will add that person in a matter of days.

How accurate are your location and category tags?

On Heepsy we estimate the location of the influencer based on where they are posting from or where they say they live. Depending on the country, we offer you different administrative levels to choose form: country, state, county or city.

Categories are characteristics that define influencers. Heepsy has developed a unique algorithm that analyzes dozens of variables to determine the categories that best match a given influencer. We look at the content they post, the comment section, who they engage with and how they describe themselves online.

We can approximate that our current accuracy for location and category tags is between 85%-90%.

Is your information up-to-date?

We thoroughly update our information every two weeks. Updates are important for us, as in an industry such as social media, it is vital to keep track of everything new. For that reason, we strongly emphasize making an effort to stay up to date, and sometimes there might be some discrepancies which are quickly corrected. We are happy to say that we are the best source of updated information in our sector.

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