Here is all you need to know about how to use our filters to find the perfect influencer:


Categories are characteristics that define influencers. From the topics they discuss, to the profession they’re known for or the skills they specialize in, categories help you find influencers within a certain theme. 

Heepsy has developed a unique algorithm that analyzes dozens of variables to determine the categories that best match a given influencer. We look at the content they post, who they engage with, and how they describe themselves online. We have a wide range of categories that keep getting updated for you to find them easily, from "Fashion" or "Fitness" to more niche ones like "Vegan" or "Tattoo".

Find in bio

Users can write a short piece about themselves on their biography section. We let you search keywords to find influencers with those words in their biography. You also can search for a specific handle, such as @selenagomez, and by categories.


Location enables you to look for influencers in a certain geographical area. With Heepsy, we estimate the location of the influencer based on where they are posting from or where they say they live. You can choose the country, state, county or city.

Followers and Engagement

By using the Followers filter you can do a very specific search by entering a minimum and maximum number of followers. With Engagement, you can search by engagement level and engagement %.

Advanced metrics

Cost estimate: You can learn the estimated cost of a promotional post.
Branded posts: Percentage of posts that are promoted.
Posts per week: Number of posts that the influencer shares in a week.


Public contact: Here, you can filter by accounts that have public contact information. Channels: Check if the influencer has an account on other channels, such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc.
Here you can also hide Business accounts and filter by accounts that are verified.


Here, you can see a set of filters to make sure the audience of the influencer is aligned with your brand.


An essential filter to make sure the influencers have a good Quality Score and don't purchase fake followers. 

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