I want to signup in as an influencer in your website, what do I do?

The answer is simple: nothing

Heepsy is not an opt-in platform, which means that the people in our website do not have to register or subscribe in order to be included in it; we just take social media data and offer it to our customers in an easier, more intuitive and more comfortable way. 

So if you want to be in our search results and contacted by brands, you just have to wait for our system to add you to our site.

Can I add my account on Heepsy?

No. Heepsy is an artificial intelligence software that runs on social media data. You can't add that yourself, our software takes care of it. You can check our Instagram account to follow different tips and examples of influencer marketing campaigns.

Why can't I find myself on Heepsy?

Influencers with public profiles over 5,000 followers should be on Heepsy. If you don't meet this criteria, your profile won't show up. 

If you meet this criteria but still can't find yourself, it could be because of different reasons: you might have spelled your username wrong or left a filter activated while searching for yourself. In order to find out, please make sure all other filters are deactivated and enter your Instagram handle in the dedicated search box.

If you still can't find yourself, it might be just that you are not on our site yet. Don't worry! Our system will eventually find you and add you.

I found myself on Heepsy, can I edit the information on my profile?

We don't have a sign-up for influencers to manage their profiles. Profiles are crafted through data analysis based purely on social media data.

If I pay for a plan, will brands contact me for collaborations?

No. Our customers subscribe to Heepsy as a way to have access to influencer data, not as a way to advertise their profile.

So what can I do with Heepsy?

You can use Heepsy to find and analyze other influencers for collaborations or benchmarking, not to get collaborations with brands.

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