We designed Heepsy for brands to find influencers for their marketing campaigns. If you're an influencer, read the following before trying to sign up for Heepsy.

Can I sign up to add my account to Heepsy?

No. Heepsy is not an opt-in platform. This means influencers do not have to reach out to us to get their profile included in Heepsy.

As an influencer, there's no way for you to add your account to Heepsy. Our AI will add you automatically. But if you have fewer than 5K followers on Instagram or 1K subscribers on Youtube, you won't be on our platform.

I signed up for Heepsy and found my profile. Can I edit it?

No. The profiles on Heepsy come from social media data. We do not allow influencers to edit them.

You'll only see changes to your Heepsy profile if you change your Instagram or Youtube profile.

If I buy a plan, will brands contact me for collaborations?

No. Buying a plan doesn't buy you collaborations. The plans let brands analyze influencer profiles. But all outreach and negotiations happen outside of our platform.

Can I use Heepsy to check out other influencers?

If you're interested in collaborating with other influencers and want to analyze their profiles, Heepsy might be able to help you.

Some influencers team up to work on joint giveaways, shoutouts, or other collaborations. You can use Heepsy to find other influencers with similar categories, locations, or follower counts.

Keep in mind you won’t be able to speak with influencers within our platform. Heepsy only offers search and analysis. You’ll have to reach out and negotiate outside of Heepsy.

Can I do anything else with Heepsy?

You can also find brand accounts and analyze their profiles. You can sign up if this is your goal. But Heepsy will not let you edit your profile, speak with brands within our platform, or send you brand proposals.

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