Once you have found the perfect influencers for your campaign, Heepsy lets you organize them in lists.

While looking at profiles on Heepsy, you will see a bookmark icon at the top bottom corner. If you press it, a window will pop up and ask you to select one of your existing lists or to create a new one.

In the list section, you’ll find every list you’ve created with names and relevant data.

Enjoy its multiple benefits: visualize the information in a comfortable way, share them with co-workers and manage your partnership opportunities to contact influencers. 

How do I export a list?

This is a feature included in the Pro Plan. In order to export the list, you just need to click one of the format buttons (csv or xls) to download the data. 

What export formats do I have?

You have the option to download influencer profiles, in xls and csv format.

What information can I export?

When you export a list, all the data you can find in the platform is included in the file, even if it is not displayed in your lists table.

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